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Should I Change Catalytic Converter

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Three weeks ago, my yellow Engine Warning light came on. I took car to dealer who said it was something to do with the emissions system.

I took it back the following week and they diagnosed a problem with the cat converter, which would mean having to replace it completely.

This weekend, having been illuminated constantly, the light has stopped being lit up. (No the bulb has not gone!)

Question is:- the car is booked in this week for the cat converter to be replaced - should I cancel or should I have it replaced anyway?

The car has done 75,000 miles!

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I'd ask the garage to re-diagnose the car myself. OR.......take it somewhere else for a second opinion. If it gets a clean bill of health then don't get a new cat.

Something to do with the emissions system could be a number of things. Fitting a new cat gives the dealer a lot of price leeway to find/cure the fault !

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