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hi everyone, im new to the forums and also new to toyola's. I was planing for my first car to be a 94-97 Honda Accord.. now before you start putting me down for wanting a honda. (NO IM NOT A RICER. i belive performance comes before looks)

i have to say i got a 87 celica (3S-GE) an i love

it.. just got a fews questions.

1. its my first stick car.. and want to make sure im changing the gears right. this is the order i change when driving. 1st=0-20km, 2nd=20-30km 3rd=30-50km, 4th=50-65km, 5th 65-220km

2. I was driving the other night and notice the car can do with some mods.. what i want to know is, is the 3S-GE strong for a turbo pushing 6-10 PSI of boost? (or maybe alittle more, but keep it mind its going to still be a daily driver)

3. Im going to the junk yard this weekend and was thinking about picking up the following:

-> turbo & manifold for the 3S-GE,with downpipe (which car can i get that from?)

-> New cylinder head, plan to port it (how much should i port get it ported?)

-> Bigger injections (what size should i get and from what car?)

-> oil pan for the 3S-GE

-> ECU (also where is the ECU located?)

i know the turbo might not be good but got someone that can rebuild it for me for cheep.. the reason i need another ecu/oid pan/cylinder head. is cuase if i ever want to car back to stock i got the parts save up to return it that way. any help will be welcome and thanks for any help you can give.

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I'm not much help when it comes to the repair stuff, but I might be able to help w/ shifting.

It's not so much the speed to you need to watch for as the RPM. I was told when learning to drive stick that you generally want to keep the tacometer at between 2,000-3,000 RPM. HOWEVER, if you consistenly run at the low end of things you'll get better gas mileage and your engine will be doing less work to maintain your speed. The practical application of this is that if you're cruising along at 35mph in 3rd gear w/ the tac somewhere between 2 & 3, you'd probly be better to shift into 4th and bring the tac down to 2 or under. Furthermore, if you get up to your cruising speed and shift into overdrive (5th gear) you'll get the best gas mileage that way and your engine will be doing far less work. Overdrive might not be practical to use if you're driving through an area of town that has a lot of stop signs or lights, but it's generally where you want to be if you've got a ways to go, even if you're not on the highway.

Hope that helped! I know when it was explained to me suddenly driving became less thoroughly confusing. Good luck with it! :thumbsup:

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first i would like to thank "dustyburns30" for the helpfull information on shifting.

Second, "zeusbaby42" a friend told me that the MR2 motor (sorry dont know the engine code for that motor) is just a drop in swap (with some small details, ecu wiring, etc..) so i when a get a quote for a MR2 JDM motor will cost about $5000. i am trying to save up for that.. but im still a student and the "money tree" ant growing. so what i wanted was something is the mean time so i dont get beat at the track be all the civics. i was at the yard yesterday and found a head, which i am planing to get next week and get it ported.. jsut want so more hp, but not too much so i will blow the engine.

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Well Edward with Gears you will get the feel of them and know from listening to the revs and feeling the pull of the engine when to change up & down. It will become second nature in no-time at all mate.

No-one will put you down for wanting a Honda. They make extremely fine cars. But Toyota is for sure where it's at.

Happy motoring. :thumbsup:

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wouldnt recomend turboing the 3S-GE as its not really strong enough. you would be better off putting an induction kit and exhaust on now save up and get a 3S-GTE from an MR2 turbo you will also need the wiring loom andd ecu or get the engine from a GT4 maybe called alltrac over there) loom and ecu and find an mr2 turbo gearbox keep searching. i know some one who picked up a 3S-GTE loom ecu over here for £600 so the bargains are out there

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wow.. thanks for the information dawesy and gordypix, you may have just save me from blowing my engine.. think for to mean time would jsut get the head ported, cams re-ground, Throttle body bore (can get butterfly made at work) and try and get the ecu chipped (reprogram). Thats another thing does the 3S-GE even have one, have not been able to find information on where it is at in the car. would the 3S-GE be able to take this at lease? also if it can could someone tell me (go give me an idea ) how to go by getting the size i should bore the head and throttle body.

I know this might be asking too much but, i really want this car to perform (untill i can get the new engine)

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I'm driving an '86 GT-S with the 3S-GE, and for shifting times, when I'm driving economically at least, it's something like this:

1st: 0-20

2nd: 0-40

3rd: 40-60

4th 60-80

5th 80+

So basically 20kph per gear... Which works out to shifting at about exactly 3000rpm. If I'm in a racier sort of mood I'll usually go up to about 90 or 100 in 3rd gear, but I try not to take this old engine over 4500 RPM.

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Kaldionis: Thats for the information just one question as soon as the car get outa the shop (getting it repainted) want to take it the the track, any advice one shift points? (for drag racing) want to take the car to the track and dyno before fall comes in.

Also, any other information on mod'in the engine would help.

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