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Corolla Tsport First Service


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hi andrewcfm

i wanted to have a oil change at 1000miles but my toyota dealer wants to charge me 65pounds so i didn't bother 35 i do it but 65 no way

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Corolla Tsport has just done over 2000 miles now since new - I think it's due for a first service?


Is the car 1 year old yet??? If not i would wait and save yourself some money! Perhaps a oil change if you want :thumbsup:


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Mine's going in next week for its first service at 10000. It's supposed to

be a half service, the full service takes place at 20000 I think.

Haven't had any problems. We will see what the mechanic says about

the state of the car.



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Toyota suggests that you change the oil after 1000-3000km just to make sure there aren´t any residues of metal in the engine when you start trashing it. I got it for free, but I guess thats just a matter of negotiation.

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i swapped the oil in my yts after 1000 miles for Castrol magnatec, than that standard :censor: they put in it.

just to make sure, like kurtsi sez, there is no dung floating round thats come away from the brand new metal.

its your choice at the end of the day :D

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