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Paseo Advice, Please

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I'm toying with getting a Paseo as daily wheels - probably be looking at a 100,000 miler on an N or P plate. Is there anything in particular I should watch out for? Any particular areas of bodywork likely to rust? Any mechanical/electrical parts which are horribly expensive to replace? All info welcome, many thanks.

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I've owned a Paseo for the past 7 years. It was orginally a P plate. It's done 97,000 miles and has never let me down or needed anything doing to it except for the usual service stuff and a new exhaust and clutch (this year). I think they are great little cars. Good luck!

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They aer pretty sound cars TBH - probably one of the most reliable i've ever owned.

Rear shocks are a common problem on 'seo's but appart from that just check for the usual.

The good this is that they are fairly unknown to the "Boy Racer" community so most of them have been well looked after & have not had the engine ragged.


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hi mate, yeah i agree paseos are very reliable niipy cars . the only problem ive had is the exhaust and the rear shocks.

im wanting something a bit faster for the motorway now so im giving the heads up that im selling my beloved 97 black paseo si (only just decided havnt even had time to do the pictures yet!)

97 k very good condition, private plate, metallic black, full stainless steel exhuast replacement (with lifetime guarantee) full mot, taxed til july, professional subtle privacy glass , m3 electric mirrors with unique wiring so the mirror lights stay backlighted (makes the car look a lot younger than the standard paseo mirrors!)

£2000 ono (will post some pictures soon) !

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