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Gen 6 Weight


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Hi guys,

Has anyone here gone from a Gen 6 (94-99) celica 1.8 or 2.0GT up to a GT4?

I've always noticed that my GT4 has felt hevier than my 98 GT and i never thought anything of it but i hear that there is little diffrence in weight.

So has anyone else noticed it?

Maybe its just me? If they do weigh the same then could there be a reason for my car feeling heavy. Its a 95 Import and as far as i know is on stock suspension which is possibly the original factory stuff.

Cheers peeps :thumbsup:

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Thanks a lot,

It isnt just me then. It must be the weight of the drive to the rear wheels and the weight of the intercooler and turbo.

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certainly will be the transfer box, propshaft and rear subframe assy cos these weigh a ton :eek:

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HEY THERE I used to own a 1992 sx celica 2.2 (1st car) and recently i have just bought a gt4!!! OH BABY!!! What a difference and what a car! so sexy and so fast!!!!

For your infomation the gt4 is a very very heavy car and the only reason the car moves like it does is thanks to the tourque produced by the incredible 3sgte motor! most people over see this, they only look at the bhp next time look at the stagering figures of tourque!!!

my gt4 weighs approx 350kg more than the sx! much heavier!!! GT4 is the way!!!!! It the extra weight of the drive train for fact!

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Im in the process of getting the car lightened.

I've spoken to a guy on a jap site and his gt4 is lightened out to 1100kg!

His engine is completely standard but since doing this his 0-60 is now 4.5secs.


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