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Jae Japenese Auto Extravaganza

Big Bad Ant

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ill be there again next year, it was a good weekend and i really enjoyed myself. ther fireworks were amazong, and camping out was a laugh, even if it was chucking it down

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I was there both days. From the space that we had set aside I though we filled it nicely. People were starting to leave early afternoon Sunday, but that would be expected from the distance some people had come.

I dont remember seeing you car there? :blink:

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yes cos i went wiv my bruv n he is in da honda r club! so i dint botha taking my motor up there. wait till next year! my motor will b there4 sure! big it up 2 da toyota's. u gat me!!

Yes. I went to JAE with my brother and he is in the Honda R club, so I did not bother taking my car to the show. Wait till next year! My car will definately be there. I think Toyota's are good, do you agree?

I think ..


I iz bang'n wiv da homies .. :huh:

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ahh i had translation.. i only understand jamaican and english! :thumbsup:

only kiddin fella.. just makes hard work reading me 'old fruit! :thumbsup:

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