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Ipsum/noah/gaia Question

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Hi All

I currently run a G spec Granvia (7 seater - two middle seats are Captain's chairs), and want to change it for somthing a little smaller (Granvia has been great for the last two + years - just don't need to carry so much kit about anymore).

So, am now looking at a Noah or Ipsum, but these all seem to have a bench type middle seat, where as I need the same arrangement as my Granvia - this is so handy as you can walk from front to back without having to get out of the car.

Anyone know if they were made like this (the UK Picnic had a 6 seater variant, but the rear seats don't fold down into the floor)?

I have come across a 'Gaia' on the web which looks a bit like a Advensis Verso (different rear styling) with 6 seats, but haven't seen one for sale over here - anyone have one of these? if so, where from

Lastly, any other model suggestions to look at (but not a Lucida/Estima), with the seating as above around the 2.0L engine size?


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Well - no replys!

So, the Gaia doesn't seem to be imported over here as yet, and I didn't like the interior of the Noah's - more like a minivan (spoilt after the fantastic interior of the Granvia)

Bought a '02 Ipsum 240u instead (Advensis Verso with the Previa 2.4L engine and far more luxurious inside).

Has the split bench middle seat so not really what I wanted, but taken a chance on getting hold of some UK spec middle seats (future project!). Rear seats fold flat into floor like Ipsum version of Picnic.

Thought this may be of interest to someone :thumbsup:

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