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Compressor Or Celica T-sporty 17'' ? ?

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Looking to get some bigger wheels for the mighty t-sport...

Does any1 know the part number for the compressor 17'' wheels or even the celica t sport 17'' wheels??

They look better than our 16'' ones which dont fill the arches propably!!

cheers :D :D

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Have you thought about MR2 (mk3) wheels (4 rear ones, as MR2's have 17's at the back & 16's on the front) they are 4 stud I believe. I think they would look a lot better than the compressors wheels (& easier to clean).



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hi ROBTHEMAN, its just my opinion mate and i know everyone has their own taste but i really dont think the mr2 wheels whould suit the t sport you have to have a look at rochford tyres web site at the wheels that are availible for the t sport theres hundreds of different types and makes starting from £390 for 17"s with tyres!!!!! i brought a set of 18" team dynamics muti spoke split rims with 215/35/18 tyres for £550!!! they look the absolute nuts!!! espeically when the car has been lowered, ill try and post some pics of my car. :thumbsup:

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