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Prado T-belt Light


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The light on the dash came on indicating replacement of the timing belt which I have duely done, but I can't find anyway to reset the light on the dashboard.

Can anyone help or is it a dealer job?

1996 3.0 TD LWB


Steve H

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There are two possible ways of doing it on a Hilux Surf , but I'm not sure if it will work the same on a Prado.

Both ways you will have to remove the dash panel , but the easiest way to do is , look at the back of the speedo , and you will find a small screw about centre of the panel , and just under the you will find hole that will have a sort of paper like masking tape covering it , then remove the screw and push it through the paper and screw it in .

I did it the other way which is a bit longer , so I cannot say that this is the proper way to do it , but I have been told that it works , if not give me a shout and I will send you the file with it in .

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:D On my '97 Prado it was Similiar to what was described for the Hilux except no Paper,

It is a Good idea to mark were the T-belt Light is before you take the dash apart,

On the back of the Speedo behind the T-Belt Light there is a screw

When you have the speedo out take the Screw at the Back out and put it in the ,emtpy screw hole either above or below where it is now

By switching the screw from top to bottom or bottom to top resets the light,

At what Milage did the T-belt light come on at?

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i know its a bit late after the first post onthis thread but ive only just found this forum, but the timing reset light on my prado is onthe FRONT of the speedo,via a small hole in the bottom left hand side of the speedo face (tripometer is on the right) you have to poke a small screwdriver in hole and hold it in till light resets, hope this helps

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