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Dear All

I have few questions...guess most people have asked before...

1) Anyone out there driving a new model Camry 2003 4/2.4L?

What is the mileage read after you burned a FULL Tank of gas?

2) Anyone ever install a TURBO in CAMRY??? :eek: :P

If yes, how many horses you gain?


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But i think the number i really need is what will be the mileage you can maximize in a full tank of gas under normal driving condition...

Full tank is 17+ gallons.. I normally drive until the tank pretty much dry.... everytime when i fill the gas...i will have to fill approx 16.5 ro some time 17 gallons... and my number show only 360 +/- ...

what you guys get...and it doesn't sound normal when you have a 24/35 mileage rating.

Even when i drive on the freeway....i got the most is 450....dry!!!

advise please

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600+ mile on a full tank... :o

I wish you can get 600+ miles on full tank, and if you do, i beg you to let me know how you can get 600+ miles??? Now based on the calculation yes... but actual...can you get this much??? The best i can go with a Full tank is only 380...no more than that...and that's when i almost dry out the tank...

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The number 35 mpg came from my multiple freeway tests. I frequently drive from PA to CT and back. Distance is 350 mi. At the destination fuel gage shows about 1/2 tank. In reality I have to add 10 gal to make it full again.

Now, how do I do that? Nothing special. I believe my engine is the same as yours. I bought the car new and broke it in according to the book: first 1000 mi - no more than 55 mph. After that my regular freeway speed is about 70 mph.

What else? I use all the little things to get better fuel mileage. Tire pressure is 31 psi. Fuel - regular (the cheepest one). Oil - Pennzoil 5W30. I seldom use air conditioning and try to keep my windows closed on freeway. Also I am trying not to use brakes on freeway unless I have to. All this combined gives me 35 mpg in summer time. Factory specs call for 32 mpg with automatic transmission.

Check carefully what is your mileage. I recommend to do it on a single freeway trip. Before that fill the tank all the way up until fuel runs out. Right after the trip fill it again the same way. Do a little math and you have the answer. Perform it several times just to check yourself. If it still outside the specs, go the dealer. This is what warranty is for.

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