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St205 Gt4 Wrc Models


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Nah, the wrc's were within the first 5000 apparently. although my wrc is number 9503!

I dont think there is any truth to it. I think the chassis number is no way of telling a wrc.

As long as you have the bonnet spoiler, the large boot spoiler, the antilag and the water spray id say you have a wrc. :thumbsup:

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Doesnt really matter, the wrc has no more bhp than the standard gt4 anyway.

The things that would improve bhp like the antilag and water spray are disabled anyway, Sorry if im stating the obvious and you already know this.

If you havent got the wrc spoiler then i guess you either have the gt style spoiler or the later spec 3 leg style spoiler.

Either way its worth getting the wrc spoiler because it gets you a LOT of attention. I have people wave at me and put their thumbs up in the street. I get people approaching me to chat on a regular basis which is nice. Apart from when they ask what is it!? :censor: :lol:

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