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Oil Question


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Hey ! I am new here so want to say hello to all of u. I have a question about what oil will be the best for my car. I am the owner of Toyota Corolla 1.4 VVTi 2001 year 3 dr. I have been using Castrol RS oil 10W 60 but i hear some bad opinions, that better oil for this engine is 5W 30. Do u know why ? Both oil are recomended by the local toyota dealer. They even propose to use a Castrol TWS oil 10W 60 in this engine which is made as i heard for a BMW M3 series. I would like to hear some reasonable answers to make a best choice. Thanks and regards.

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basically the first number is the viscosity of the oil when cold and the second is when its hot...I've been told 5/40 for mine but will probably go for 10/40 fully synthetic as mines and older engine...now wait for someone to tell me I'm talking :censor: :wacko:

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