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Running-in Period

Gav 18

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Hi all,

I should be getting my new Auris at the weekend. Just wondering if anyone has any tips/advice for how to run the engine in?

Its a 2.0 D-4D.


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As per recommendations in the handbook will give the best results.

Start off low revs and low load and then build them up as the mileage gets higher

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Made a post here on running in the T180 - 2.0d will be exactly the same

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Cheers. The dealer said drive it as normal! The manual however says to vary speed for the first 650ish miles for long journeys and not to tow anything. No tow bar - no problem! I'll just take it easy and gradually build up as others have recommended.

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I've just taken delivery of my black T180 and i'm in the process of running it in.

Mixture of what i wrote above before and what the manual says.

- No sudden acceleration

- No sudden breaking

- Smooth clutch and gear changes

- Vary speed : up to 10mph either way on motorway

- Dont labour the engine (try and keep rev's above 1.6k) and keep in gear up hills

- Use full range of gears

- Up to 3k rpm for first 1000 miles and hit 3k regularly

- Up to 3.5k from 1k - 2k miles

- Up to 4k from 2-3k

- Then 4.5k max there after and hit it occasionally to clear the cat etc.

I know toyota manual says for first 650miles observe instructions and take it easy but i'm going to gradually work the engine up.

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