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how much do u think it will cost to fix  

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  1. 1. how much do u think it will cost to fix

    • 100-200
    • 200-300
    • 300-400
    • 400-500
    • 600-700
    • 800-900
    • 1000-1200
    • 1200-1500
    • 1500+

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right what happend basically was i parked my saxo ont he road last night, about 10 yards up the hill from nxt door neighbous mk1 Rav4. anyways this morning im woken up to find my cars handbrake has slipped and the cars rolled back onto the front right corner of the Rav4, breaking the numberplate, bashing the bumper up.

aslso there seems to be damage to the oil lines running infront of the radiator, and very minor disalignment in the bonnet.

any ideas on costs for replacement parts and realignments etc ?


OPs have provided a poll for costs... post idividual prices bleow if you know exactly how much parts are!

cheers again..

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what are toyata dealers like tho ? are they rip ofdf merchants who will screw you fro every part (liek ****roen) or if somethings functioning fine, but a brackets a bit bent out of shape so its not sitting straight will they "reccomed" it to be replaced ? or just bend it back in place for a few quid opf labourage ?

its a well crap design tho having the radioator so colse to the front of the bumper!

i really dotn want to have to put this thru my insurance, if i do im lookign at 1500+ on my 1.1 saxo next year :'(

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Sorry mate on a toyota it's an insurance job with it every prang.

When it happened to me the guy thought there was hardly no damage and as i said it came to £887.

New bumper, new grill plus spraying and fitting £887.

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well sprayign shouldnt be an issue as such, as this Rav4 is black anyway and doesnt have body coloured bumpers...

hopefully that shud shave a cpl of 100's off the total.

in terms of insurance jobbie, i did the dumbass thing of having a whacking great big 400 quid excess :(

so in realty any job up to 400 i might as well pay myself as id still have to pay it anyway thru insurance, pl;us theyd then buttrape me for next few years by bumping my premiums up... so anythgn up to 550, 600 i might as well pay myself :(

how come bonnet realignment is gonna be so tricky isnt it just a case of undoing a few screws, re alining them n tightening ?

oh and when i said minor re alignment i mean VERY minor, TBH i couldnt even notice the difference, esp on the right side, which was of uniform gap width, and the left side was out by about a mm, and im wondering if under discussion i could possibly persuade the owner to leave it be, and if my luck changes and i can afford to have it sorted out, a fewmonths down the line, then do it that way.

i always seem to get either good or bad luck but nothign halfway, atm tho the bad luck has outweighed the good luck financially 2 or 3 times over :o

this year the car sems to have spent more time at hte garage than anywhere else... (and cost me almost what it cost to buy over again >:( in repairing /fixing/maintaining... ive only had it for 2 years !

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I misread, if it's only very very miinor you could be ok, trying to match up parts that have moved can be fun, if its that minor where you cant really tell the difference you should be fine :D

Hope you get the job done to your satisfaction, it's always nice when you dont have to involove the insurance company and lose all your ncd etc...

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