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Replaced Axle In V6 Auto, Now It Won't Drive


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I'm replacing the front axles in my mom's camry, but it seems like it's a basic concept in transmissions. I got the old axle out, everything fine, got the tranny side in, got the hub side close. The threads to the axle nut were exposed just enough on the hub side of the axle that I decided to turn the axle nut in order to pull the axle through the hub. It came all the way through, then I went to tighten down the six bolts holding the axle to the tranny.

Now the axle doesn't spin correctly, it's not on a straight axis, it kind of jumps around. The part that comes out of the tranny and attachs to the axle some how got pulled out about 2 inches farther than it normally sits. I fooled around trying to just push it back into the tranny, because the inner cv joint looked compressed more than it should be. I got it to move a little bit in, so I put it back together, but it rolls in park and when trying to pur it in drive or reverse, it grinds and doesnt go anywhere.

I need any help as soon as possible to get the car drivable. Thanks in advance.

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Are you sure that the cup looking thing on the tranny side is pushed all the way in to the tranny?

if not then here is a clue. Pull the wheel hub apart again and use the axle as sort of a slide hammer to insert the cup the rest of the way in, be carful not to tare the inner CV boot.

There is a spring like snap ring inside of the transaxle that holds the cv in. it sounds like it was not quite in all of the way or the clip might have been broken. as far as the 6 bolts thing goes, you should not have had to tare in to it that far, usally a prybar between the tranny and the cv cup with a swift jolt seperates the cv from the tranny and as far as putting it back together the same thing only you use the axle as kind of a hammer to tap the cup back into the tranny. Hopfully the tranny is ok, attempting to drive it may have seriously damaged the splines in the transaxle. If the cv will not stay in when you pull on the cup with you're hand as hard as you can, you have to tare the tranny down and rebuild the lower half of the transaxle inorder to replace that clip and any damaged splines.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes and if you need any more help.

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