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Which One To Go For?


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ok, unfortunately my dad has to get rid of his 2002 golf GT TDI 150, for something a lot cheaper (around £5-6k), and is looking at jap import 4x4s.

He likes the old (about 1993) toyota prado (landcruiser), and the old Hilux Surf (about the same year). i believe these two cars use the same 2.4 TD engine, so which would you lot say was better?

He's also been looking at shogun exceeds and lotus spec isuzu bighorns, but they're 2.8, and 3.1 TDs, so i would imagine are more to run.

opinions welcomed! :thumbsup:

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For the Hilux Surf, 93 was the year when it switched from 2.4 litre to 3.0 litre.

I will personally go for the Prado. Because although the Surf looks big and stylish, it is not as roomy inside. :)

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I like the look of the surf... they look very nice

Best thing is for your dad to test drive both,

make sure he buys Toyota! :thumbsup:

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For 5-6 k he could get a very nice Surf 3.0 ltr , and after a Golf he will find that he has loads of room , the only problem is that he will find it a bit juicy after his GTI 25-30mpg , dont go for the 2.4 as they are not any more economical than the 3.0ltr , and some have had overheating problems .

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