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Celica Is A Better Drive Than A Porsche....

The Red Man

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Since a young lad i have loved Porsches and last week I gave up my Celica GT and had a Boxster S for the day. Now I work for an accident management company and so do alot of driving up and down the country. 300bhp sounded like it would be alot of fun and as I had to go from Manchester to Bristol I had alot of time to get familiar with it. Firstly I was gutted as it was the only day in April it rained and it was a soft top, but after the initial 20 miles I found myself wanting my GT back. Most people would love to drive half the cars I do, but I would rather have not ruined my dream!

Has anyone else ever driven a car they loved and then realised there actually not that good?

I did however get to drive another car I love that week and whilst I hate BMW's the M3 has been on my wish list for a while. According to the stats its not much quicker than the porsche but Jesus it felt it, in every gear at any revs this thing would have killed the boxster!


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let me get this right... you drove a Boxster S and found it less rewarding to drive than the Celica GT?

Mid engine.. RWD... I can only presume you dont have much experience of the mid engine RWD setup...

Boxster over a Celica GT... think you might be on your own with that particular scenario. :P

With reagrds to driving a dream car and being let down i have not had the fortune to drive the Diablo SE20 but im sure it would not dissapoint! :lol:

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