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Does anybody have any good suggestions for subs/sub enclosures for a 91 MR2? I currently have two 6" Kickers in a power-wedge box behind my seats but its not enough bass for me. The amps are under my seats which seem to be working good so far. I was thinking about the trunk but i cannot find a box to fit in the trunk that can hold a decent size sub (actually a couple decent size subs). I have the tweeters and the Speakers which work great but any suggestions for subs?

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yeah .. it is best, bass tubes etc are just pap.

I've got my mates 2 subs and a Phonex Gold 2500 amp in my car. 500 Watts bridged power.

Sounds great, but needs to have the boxes linned etc. Still "Charlie" by the prodigy never sounded so good.

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Exactly which model would you suggest for a 600watt amp (I have one lying around )

Oh and I do hope your listening to the "alley cat mix" of charly 

I've got 10W3's .. but the 10W0's are cheaper and now have 90% of what the W3's had (voice coils etc).

Have a look at their site (www.jlaudio.com or someting probably).

And no I've got the D&B Mix ("Little bit of base").. the Alley Cat video is on the Xbox to play on the TV when I get it in.

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Infact .. here is a Wattage chart for their Subs ..

So pick one that is 300 Watt rating (to make the 600 of your amp) and then get a box made. I'll take pics of mine tomorrow if I remember.

My mate has set them up in my car so if I turn the bass up, I can't see the road due to my eyes vibrating.

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