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lookin mighty sweet ma man. glad to see your enjoying her again if you know what i mean :eek:

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Thanks for all your comments guys..........she still running the original 5m-ge engine but slightly modified so she running at just over 3Ltr as opposed to the usual 2.8. high performance plugs and HT leads but the rest is of her is stock.....still in the running in period so to speak but had to drop her a cog last night just to see............using a very crude method i.e stop watch

she did 0-60 in 11.5 and bottomed out on me at 132mph but oviously that is on the clock and not a true reading for the 0-60 eighter but it gives me a rough idea.

see you all at the next show (I'll be there)(Rocking and Rolling with Mr Bat, Mr Turner and Mr overdrive...Lets rock mates) :thumbsup:

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