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Take A Look At These


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have a gander at these, its all in japanese but ya can still see the pics


love them blue tint lexus lights on the white one


check the step by step turbo conversion!!


anyone know if ya can get c one motorsport parts anywhere in this country. i love the look of them little extensions on the silver one!


this ones all sorts of wierd home sites


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C-ONE parts are available through www.tuneacar.com, as I ordered the GT Carbon Bonnet & Vent through them about a month ago - problem is, that it comes from Japan on a very slow boat (I'm starting to think thati it's a row boat :angry: ) and it won't arrive for at least another month on top of that!

So if you want to order something from Japan, be prepared to wait. I'm the most impatient person on the planet, and it's killing me now...!


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im havin trouble gettin to the tuneacar site

is that address right?


hey pav! could ya give us a link to that site other than the intro start bit, cos i cant get flash player on this computer so i cant get in!!!! cheers bloke! :thumbsup:

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yeah that kits made me moist.

its nice to see it in the same colour as mine aswell

cheers pas ill give it a few more mninutes than get disgruntled and switch it off premature!


nope dint work left it for 45mins still dint get thro :ffs:

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