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1990 Celica Gt-s Performance...


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Hey all, new guy here.

So anyway I was looking into buying a '90 celica gt-s 5spd and was wondering if anyone knew roughly what the 0-60 and 1/4 mile times were for it? I'm sure several ppl here can help :) I want something pretty close in performance to my '91 nissan 240sx. I love the car but it's been wrecked for several months and I just can't find another one in good condition for less than $3,500. The fastest 1/4 time I've cranked off was 15.8 at 86mph on a rather good track, I imagine it'd be more in the low 16's on most tracks. Any help will be greatly appreciated :)

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The fastest 1/4 time I've cranked off was 15.8 at 86mph

You've pretty much answered your own question.

It looks like no-one on here has a 90 GT-S, sorry dude.

With all the mods we all do and styles of our driving its tough to guess figures.

Best thing is to give it a go like you have already done. :thumbsup:

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Yeah I got a 90 GTS 5spd. I hv looked up 0-60 times of 10.6 and I laughed. I personally hv clicked off low 7's w/ my 0-60 times. My car is lightly modded. But if your car is clompletly stock u will hv no problem running 0-60 in about 8.0 seconds. I hv raced my car on the highway I was at 130, did not go any faster b/c I need a 4-wheel alignment and I did not feel comfortable. The 90 GTS is not slow and I have beat plenty of cars w/ it. I know alot of things about this car and in the summer I am swapping in a 2nd gen 3SGTE.

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