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Charcoal Canister Hose Goes Where?


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Hi all,

I'm working on getting an '89 Celica GT-S into nicely working order, and while replacing the fuel filter today, I noticed that the bottom hose of the charcoal canister is not connected to anything--it just hangs loose. It appears to have, at some point in the past, been connected to something (the oxidation of the metal indicates that another hose was attached to it during most of its life). The documentation I have on replacing the charcoal filter just says "disconnect/reconnect the vacuum hoses", and doesn't mention specific hoses and their purposes.

I can't see any loose hoses around the area that it might have been connected to, but the car wasn't mine for its first 10+ years, so many things could have happened in that time to lead to lost parts.

Anyone know what that bottom hose should go to, and what is the impact of having it hanging loose? (For reference, there are two hoses on the top of the canister: one thin rubber hose, and a thicker hose with insulation on it. The bottom connector looks like it might been connected to a thin rubber hose like the thin one on top.)

Thanks for any tips!

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Found it!

Just in case anyone else ever needs to remove and put back the charcoal canister, and are as ignorant as I am, I'll mention where the bottom hose goes. There is a small hole in the engine compartment wall with a rubber gasket in it. It happens to be right about where the bottom hose naturally ends up when you put the canister back in (off by and inch or so, but easily shoved into place once the canister is bolted onto the compartment wall). Not terribly easy to spot if you don't know what you're looking for, but once I found it, it seems obvious.

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