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1998 Corrolla Hazard Lights Wont Turn Off


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Car: 1998 Toyota Corrolla

109900 Miles Freeway miles

Origninal owner.

This is the problem. THis morning started the car and noticed that the hazard lights were on. I hit the hazard light button but it was already in the off position. The front hazards are turning on/off. The back hazards are not on only if I engage the hazard button in the car will the back lights turn on. I opened the hood checked the fuse for hazard and it was fine. Now I have front hazards on/off and you hear the clicking sound. when the car is on. Also my check engine light is on. any suggestions? Last month I changed my alternator/battery after five years of hard driving. THe only thing that might have caused the problem is moisture. I did wash the car early morning. Although I always wash the car on the weekends. Can any one help??

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Your hazard warning light system is as follows:-

LHS flashers are on a seperate circuit to your RHS flashers. There is no way your fronts can operate independantly from the rear!!

The only areas where you could get difficulties are through your hazard switch & indicator switch.

You need to give me some more info.

When you say hazards, do you mean that or sidelights?

Do your flashers operate normally?

If not, what symptoms do you have?

I may be able to help further with this info.

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