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Celica Tyre Size?


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Hi everyone. Newbie to the forums and newbie to Toyota ownership (specifically: one day).

Anyway, I've got my lovely Celica GT 1992 (import from Japan) and am on the whole very pleased with it. However as one of the alloys is damaged, I'm replacing all the wheels and tyres.

But I've got a small problem. I know theyr'e 16" 205... however they're different on that 'other' number (notice my technical knowledge!). On the front they have 205/45 and on the back they have 205/50.

The guy in Halfords says I need to go with what's on the front as that's where the speedometer is dictated from. Fair enough. However... I don't know if the rear wheels are incorrect, or the front ones.

Does anyone have any ideas on what it should be? 205/45 or 205/50 on the car?

Any help would be appreciated, I plan to go order tomorrow. :D

Also as a side note... can anyone recommend a manual like Haynes do? Or will the Haynes one be okay (their site said it was to US specifications, which put me off)?


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the '205' is the width of the tyre and the 45 is the profile,ie-the size of the tyre wall/from the rim of the wheel to the part of the tyre which has the tread on it.45's would be right for 16" wheels,seems strange why theres a different profile on the back :wacko:,this would mean the diameter of the front and rear tyres differ,not by much mind you,but a bit.i'd stick with the 45's on all of them to be safe :thumbsup:

as for haynes manuals,don't get the u.s one,i bought it and its pretty dire,it covers front wheel drive models from 1986 through to 1999.better off tryin to find one specifically for your car,there has been topics about this on these forums so have a browse and i'm sure you'll come up with something :thumbsup:

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Thanks Gundy. I shall put my faith in you and go for 45s!

And thanks for explaining what the numbers are. I used to be quite technically-minded about cars when I was young (i.e. 10). But as I got older, I got into the "it drives, that's fine" frame of mind. I'm now hoping to head back a bit... and learn how these car things work. :D I'm learning that it is, in fact, not by magic!

And thanks for the advice on the manual. I shall go search the forum posts!

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hmmm,were gettin technical now :lol:

the lower the profile the better,but you don't want to go too low cos you'll lose the ride quality,the wheels would take the brunt of the bumps!!too much profile and i suppose the tyres would fold more when cornering hard.......if you know what i mean? :lol: plus,you've got the looks factor aswell,if you have small wheels you need more profile to fill the arches,and vice versa for large wheels.i think the profile is worked out as a percentage of the width of the wheel.the 205 is in millimetres i think,but i'm certain its not the same for the profile.do a search on google if you need to know more.

thats about all i know about tyres :lol:

hope its helped :thumbsup:

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