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Toyota Corolla Gti Fuel Rail Mods

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is there any mods on a standard fuel rail on a toyota corolla gti ae92 88 f reg like bigger bore inside etc im not sure but what can be done to inprove poformance? mat

the only thing you can do is fit a fuel regulator (but dont buy an expensive one) all they do is make a bottle neck at the entry to the return fuel line which builds up more pressure in the fuel rail as the excess fuel cannot escape and it shoots through the injectors at higher pressure helping atomization, you need to beware you dont build up too much pressure making the system leak at the joints and you'll only get more fuel in by adding larger capacity injerctors and a higher volume fuel pump, you'll also need to remap the ECU to deal with the increase as the stock maps will struggle with more fuel than the stock injectors can supply.

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Hey, you can't make more power out of a 4age with more fuel. The efi system determines the amount of fuel and air mixture.

If you want more power the stand 180 cc injectors can go upto 140hp the 210 can go to 160 hp max and the 250 already make a good 180 with the right amount of tuning.

Toyota always run there engines richer than needed by factory default.

If you want more power in a 4age you can start with intake and exhaust. But you might as well go camshafts right away.

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