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Corolla Won't Start


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I'm having trouble with an automatic 1999 corolla. Starting a couple years ago, it intermittently wouldn't start. The engine and starter didn't (and still doesn't) even crank. Now its getting very frequent. There are a few tricks to starting it; maybe they will help decipher the cause.

1: Holding the shifter forward while turning the key.

2: Shifting into neutral and starting if it still won't start in park.

3: Sometimes it won't even shift into neutral at this point so by popping the tab next to the shifter and holding the button, it can be shifted into neutral to start.

The Toyota dealer says it could be one of a few things, but finding the right one would be trial and error and could get expensive. Clearly it is a problem with the transmission, as it occasionally doesn't lock into park easily. Any thoughts on what the cause might be would be helpful.

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I think you've answered this one yourself, I have had experience, although not on a Toyota, of the inhibitor switch on the auto transmission causing just this sort of fault, depends how the switch is operated, wether it is the switch itself( quite likely) or the interlocking mechanism on the transmission selector, sad to say sounds like a box out job to me :unsure:

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Since you say that the gear doesn't lock in parking easily maybe it is that indeed. However exclude one easy thing that gives about the same ''symptoms''; The electromotor in the engine has a, what's it called, anyway it has a dented wheel inside which turns when u turn the starter. Occasionally one of the ''teeth'' of this wheel brakes of and the starter starts making interuptions (you turn the key and nothing is heard, no ''chick'', no nothing). This is easy to verify simply go to your mechanic and ask him to open the box of the electomotor and verify its integrity. If it is a trouble there you will have saved a lot of money searching for other causes. Good Luck :bye:

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I have to agree with Master Simon on this one. It has nothing to do with transmission itself. There is a switch on the transmission, which Toyota calls Neutral-Park switch. Its purpose is to prevent starter operation in any gear other than Neutral or Park. You may try to readjust the switch position so it will operate properly. I did this work on Corolla-91 with success.

You may also have a problem with shifting mechanism adjustment. My advice - buy repair manual and do the work yourself for free.

Good luck.

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