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What Engine In The Gen4 Gt4?


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and In the US it's known as the Gen1 3sgte engine.

And on each GT4 change, there were engine revisions too.

The Gens went up to 4 (think only the first 3 were turbo'd though), 4 being the VVTi one with 2 versions. Red top being the single VVTi 200 bhp (in the Rev5 MR2) and the Black top being dual VVTi (going in the Altezza).

Unfortunately all the engines are pony 1.8's now.

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bibbs, your right about being the gen1 gt4, and ive got some info from the gt4oc

just trying (trying being the key word here lol) to make my baby faster, and keeping the engine in one piece

and i just asked the gt4oc if they think its possible (im assuming theyve got better resources than me....which wouldnt be difficult lol_)

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GT4's ALWAYS have 3sgte's in them. Doesnt matter which model or where on the planet you are.

As far as i know you cant use the turbos off a 3sgte on any other engine without fabricating new parts.

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The Castrol Toms Supra used a 3SGTE instead of the 2jz-gte.

This was because they could get as much power out of the 3sgte and at the same time reduce the weight of the car because it used only 4 cylinders (instead of the 6 cylinder supra engine).

Top secret did this also in their supra before removing it to use a Skyline Engine (now running well in advance of 1200bhp if i remember).

Is this what you mean Novamuncher?

You planning on using a 3sgte longitudinal for some reason? Or maybe i've missed the point completely, sorry :lol:

If your going to Turbocharge a ST162 then i'd stop and thing about it for a bit. Because of the chassis strength id advise against doing such a conversion because i hear the ST162's werent that strong. Also from a price point of view you would probably pick up a ST165 for less than the conversion would cost.

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i think you got a bit confused over what im saying. until last night i hadnt seen under the hood of a gt4 1989, and so i didnt know if they had mounted the engine different or not.

but now i see i can probably fit a mr2 3sgte lump in there, which would make my life less difficult in the longrun.

the idea is i like the car, and dont want to get rid of it and cant afford to be buying a gt4.

the reason i wanted to know about the 165's turbo fitting on a 162 n/a was because im avoiding an engine swap- ive swapped two 3sge engines already and its not something i enjoy doing. i intended to run the turbod engine until i blew it to smitherines, then re build using stronger parts, or then do an engine swap if its that badly damaged.

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