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90 Celica Engine Hanging


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Heya folks,

Just changed out the alternator drivebelt on my 90 Celica GTS and I've noticed a strange phenomena...

I've noticed a sort of pinging noise when i'm accellerating or driving up a hill, i'm hoping this isn't too much cause for concern, i'm under the impression that it indicates a problem with my timing. The other thing i've noticed is that my engine will rev (although not very smoothly) to around 5000RPM and it just hangs there, not shifting...

If anyone has any suggestions or comments whatsoever, the help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much,


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id certainly get the timing checked as well as the fuel mixture sounds like detonation to me. not good if left for a long time

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but too late! :P

turns out whoever owned the car before me tried to change the timing belt himself.

let's just say due to his poor re-assembly, i'll need to replace the timing belt, crank seal, power steering belt, and timing belt cover :(

but that's ok, least i know what the problem was!


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