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Unity Jon

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not sure if anyone on here will be interested but if you are :)

pair of sl1210 mk2's one with a cracked dust cover where a mate sat on the cover whilst it was on my bed (not on the deck itself <phew>)

American DJ mixer with removable crossfade, hamster switch, long/short fade select, 100% bass/mid/treble (individual cuts) bpm indicator (not counter)

Tascam 4 track tape deck, awesome bit of kit model no 'Porta 4', has had on/off switch bypassed to main power supply to evade earth loop (the new porta 8 eight track came from the factory with this :( ) i had to pay to get it done.....

Amp technics class A (no charge for this as only the remote channel appears to work)

Speakers (no charge, old goodmans cabinet Speakers 12" woofers mids/tweets in dark wood surround, still sound excellent)

all for the price of £550 i may even throw in some records.

email me here: jon@unitylowrider.co.uk or PM me.

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