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Finally, It's Finished And On The Road!


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Yep after what seems like years, I've actually finished working on the car and it's back on the road. I've got just the one picture for now - straight from the phone..... :)


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Cheers Ryan. Jimlad - there was nothing much wrong with the car, really a lack of funds (I quit a job in London to move back down to Gloucestershire/Bristol) took some time to get myself sorted out but.... all done in the end and without having to sell the car - PHEW!!

She's been off the road for nearly two years, parked up in a field. Over the past few weeks I've been gradually de-mothballing the beast i.e.

1. Oil + Filter Change

2. Rear End Respray (looking untidy)

3. Alloy Refirb - excellent job by the guys as Sweeny Sherlock (Birmingham - hightest reccomendation - Powdercoat + laquer £140 + guarentee)

4. Interior replacement (Stereo nicked by some *****'s a few months ago, I wouldn't mind but the front was on me at the time - took the stereo anyway !!!???). They cracked the panels surrounding the stereo, damaged the hazard switch etc. Replacement parts arriving this week, installing at the weekend along with new stereo.

5. Underneath of car waxoiled for longlevity.

6. Engine overhauled (took some time......)

All (apart from the alloys) done by yours truely. Got to say though running exceptionally well considering the 2 years off the road.

Planning to (before Xmas)

1. Change the coolent

2. Change Plugs

3. Change Dizzy cap and rotar arm.

4. Maybe get an Apexi Induction kit ...... :)

5. Get the balancing toe in, out etc. adjusted correctly at Powerstation in Cheltenham (still shaking at 80MPH - I think an alloy could be buckled, but it could be the settings. or the shocks......)

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what does an induction kit do ?

Supposedly allows larger airflow into the engine and increase performance. When combined with a good exhaust it allows faster flow of air through the engine.

I reality they usually have poorer filtration allowing dust and dirt into the engine (and more air) but they also allow hot air into the engine instead of cool air from the stock induction system.

But overall they give a nice roar sound when you are on throttle, and if you get a good one they should help get a few more ponies and not be too detrimental to the life of the engine.

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