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Can't Find The "right" Lowering Springs


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Hi guy's i am from greece and i have a toyota corolla G6 model 1999 and want to find a lowering spring kit 15-20mm or else an adjustable lowering spring kit(not shocks).The only kit i found is for the american corolla.Please if somebody knows something answer me



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Exactly because you are searching for that hight of lowering springs I would suggest that you pay a visit to our guys in the Toyota Hellas at Kifissos and talk to the representative of Toyota Racing Development. If that doesn't work there are a couple of guys that work with Toyota a lot. Unfortunately I don't have the adresses with me (one is Toyomad and another guy). If you don't find something useful at TRD come back here and ask. I can find the adresses of these guys in about a month because now I am abroad. Good Luck :bye:

PS: patrida eida to celica, na to xairesai megale kai panta kaloodhghto. Se briskw polu meraklh mai eimai sigouros oti tha bgaleis akrh. Kai pali kalh tuxh

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