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Matt posted this a while ago on LOC but it never made it's way over here, as we seem to do everything together as a club I thought it might be a nice idea to post over on here as a sister club...

The following message was written by Matt C (Supracharged...):

Dear Members,

Jens Rathje (Redneck) a Moderator on the Euro Forums and Gold member, and close friend of mine was unfortunately seriously injured in a road traffic accident on Friday 11th july.

He was in a Coma and sustained serious injuries which thankfully are not life threatening anymore, he has come out of the coma and is making progress.

The cause of the accident isnt clear yet, but wasnt caused by Drinking or Racing, The investigation is ongoing.

I have been to visit him since returning from JAE, where he was due to come, and was very moved by the "Get Well Soon" banner we had.

We would highly appreciate, if members could leave a message with some personal lines in the online Guestbook that has been created. so we can send him a collective gift from the LOC forums.

Thank You

Mat Clawley

The guestbook can be found HERE

Since the initial guestbook was setup the following news was posted earlier this month...

I have been upto see him Twice now.

he is out of intensive care and in a private room.

he has had all the pins and cages removed from his leg and arm

amazingly considering the number of fractures and breaks in his arm and leg they have not put them in casts (new medical procedure)

he is in alot of pain, but the treatment is aleviating the pain

he will require some skin grafts to close where the bones broke the skin, but he is getting stronger every day

he has some nerve damage, but still has movement so that is a good sign.

we go out in the wheel chair and have a race around the hospital grounds which pleases him

ive took up some magazines(Banzai/Jap Performance)

and he wears his Lexus Baseball cap all the time

ive seen the car.....and pics will not be posted, lets just say, he is one lucky guy, its in 2 parts, the engine and gearbox, front suspension with the bonnet and wings as one piece

and the rest of the Shell less the front bulkhead and front doors as another piece

the dash and centre console are destroyed, there is a pile outside of the car which is just bits.......the remains of the dash aircon and centre console. there is not a single piece of glass left in the car

Maybe some club solidarity and some wishes of good faith would be welcome...

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nope just been in enough accidents where I have been very lcky to know what it's like when something goes seriously wrong...

a lot of people going into making these clubs what they are and am more than happy to help or offer support to those who give their time freely to help support the clubs as I am sure most members are...

Obviously you get the odd few who couldn't care less and try to get out if it anything they can for themselves....

I'm alright jack.

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