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i dunno if this is thr tire forum but i think most ppl with celicas would only be in here... just wonderin whos from australia... and any ppl from brisbane... lookin for some parts or anything that will lift performance..

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I'm from Oz, but live in the UK.

I know of one tuning company in Oz. I don't know if they are good or anything, but they seem to know what they are on about via email. And I'll be speaking to them about intended turbo upgrades.

PM me if you would like the deatils.

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I live in Wellington, New Zealand...

I love my Celica to bits and enjoy working on it and driving it hard :)

My mates think its a barbie car (they have the likes of Honda Civics and GTX Familias - not my type) but I know its my car :thumbsup:

Best car I've had and I'm hooked up to Toyotas from now on... next car has to be an Altezza, Supra or 7th Gen Celica :D

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yeah cheers sco..(what is ur real name???)...ill check that out now..looks like fun. I am interested in going on cruises n all that jazz, that would be great. Hope to see you round soon...but for now, im going to schoolies!!..oh yeah. :thumbsup:

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