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Ok guys, well, as a lot of you know, i blew my engine up round castle coomb race track, just over 3 months ago.

Well ive finally achieved my goal, after many months of heart ache, with one quick turn of the key all my worries disapeared. i have one fully worked ol'skool engine now fitted in the Girl. I think ive left no stone unturned in my quest, and have 90% built it to the specs i wanted to :D :D :D

You will be seeing me at meets some time in the near future. This is my first bottom up engine build, and damn im proud :P :P :P

I still have a few things to sort out, but watch this space, as i'll do a fulll workshop submission soon

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You forgot to add a few bits...

The car's engine is now a lot bigger than it used to and those that have heard this beast in the past the sound is a lot more impressive than it ever used to be it now sounds even more menacing :)

The engine bay looks superb after some serious TLC....

Scot, you've done a superb job on the beast and really can't wait to see her on the roads terrorising the little critters again :D

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Phoned Ian today when the engine started up the reponse was....

Silence, followed by "OH MY GOD......" atm Scot isn't going to rev it above 3k (remembering it goes to 7-8k) and it already sounds as if it would eat you alive and throw your bones out through the exhaust.... I think the qoute "That sounds like a wet dream..>" also entered the conversation :D :D :D

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Well done scott. I'm so glad that all the hard work has payed off and you have got the beast up and running again. Perhaps i will see you at next months meet??


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Well done scot, cant wait for my next trip around castle combe, hopfully we will make it to the end of the session! lol

Dan :thumbsup:

Ha, we very nearly did the first time :D :D

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