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Celica V6


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Found this on a US forum

Would of done the 3sgte swap myself, but still it's a good idea for any N/A v6 lovers

Car: 1990 Toyota Celica GT Coupe

Engine: 1997 Toyota Avalon 3.0L V6

Stock Rated Power and Torque: 200 & 220

Tranny: 1999 Toyota Solara 5spd

Axles: MR2 Turbo & GT4 hybrid setup

Radiator: GT4 w/ custom lines


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One of the problems the guy said was wheel spinning in fourth, must be fairly light, but I suppose that can also be attributed to torque. :drool:

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What a waste of time :rolleyes:

It must be sooooo nose heavy and all that for only 200 horses???

Crazy :lol:

What's crazy about it he's done a good DIY job, nothing wrong with it..................You're problem is, if it aint got a hairdryer attached it aint worth it. There's nothing wrong with being enthusiastic about cars and trying different things. And the N/A converstion is a good way to go, if you're technicaly able to do it yourself

One more thing every post about performance you've posted is always about horsepower, torque has alot to do with it and so does power to weight ratios, two things you never take into consideration.


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