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Bodykit For Gt4?


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Hi everyone - I've just joined this site in the hope that someone can help me find a bodykit for my hubby's GT4 for xmas (I know - its a long way off, but its sure to be expensive!!!)

Dont know whether details are important, but its a Jap Import ST205 1994 (L) model.

I've found a few sites that we've both looked at, but there doesnt seem to be much around - not that looks too good anyway.

ANY help at all would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance, Max

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I'm sure we can help with that without to much difficulty :) Oneofthe celica guys will be along before long and am sure will be able to post some photo's....

Once you have found the kit you want we have a number of discount schemes so that you can save money on the purchase as well :)

Thats one lucky hubby :D

Oh and welcome to the club....

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MB Auto Sports have loads of Pics of kits.

I'd not suggest ordering from them, as they are from the US.

Have a look, see what you like and then check out the TOC discounts to see if you can find what you are after.

Good luck !!

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www.fensport.co.uk do a nice ST205 kit now (not my cup of tea personally) but is a very original design which doesnt restrict at all (height wise).

Check it out :thumbsup:

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It's not easy finding UK stockests of celica kits but there are a alot of foreign ones, of course you'll have to pay for shipping. The link below has a guide to makes from US, Japan and Europe, I havent looked throught them all. Some of them look !Removed! awful, but there are a number of nice ones



Here's a couple of useful links for tuning parts etc.



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www.importinnovations.com - they have a good stockpile of celica kits ranging from the ST165 to the 185 and 205 :)

They are also based in the US and Japan so import prices might put you off - good prices though - just wish more places had a ST162 Kit for my lovely ride :D :lol:

Oh yeah welcome as well :D

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