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Corolla/cts Owners In Greece


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I have started this topic to collect our comments about Corollas/CTS, Toyota Hellas and its dealers in Greece.

I bought a 5d Corolla 1.8TS from Neos Kifissos in July 2003.

Car Problems:

1. I consider as the biggest issue the noises/rattles from the central area of dashboard (near the radio), which apparently cannot be eliminated. Two days ago, I was at Neos Kifissos (for 2nd time) and they just screwed the radio a little bit upwards, tighter to the dash. The noise may have been reduced but certainly not eliminated. You do not need a lot of road roughness to hear these noises; any street surface that is not flat and mirror like could trigger the noise. I do not blame Greek roads for this but Toyota’s engineering.

2. The engine/car is very noisy above ~4000rpm and this is rather not a pleasant sporty noise (as in Focus ST170). It is very tiring to drive fast with the right gear selection in the Greek national roads with the frequent bends.

Toyota Hellas

I consider unacceptable that Toyota Hellas imports CTS without double locks but with standard sunroof !

Let us hope that it is not easy to install a stolen CTS engine in a 1.4lt Corolla.

About the dealer (Neos Kifissos)

My experience is very limited. Up to now, the service department has been always available to help solving any problems within guarantee. Not successful of course with generic Toyota problems (dashboard noise).

I am disappointed however from the condition of the car during its delivery:

1. Dirty body from residues of sticking/packaging tapes use during its transportation. Also some interior dirt, e.g. some leaked glue (?) traces on various dashboard parts (related to the installation of alarm?).

2. The back sport spoiler was attached on the delivery day and it was kept with sticking/packaging tapes. I had to remove them after 24hours and they also left residues on the body.

3. The body carpet on the left windscreen pillar was hanging, as lifted for alarm installation.

4. The installed TH2000 alarm has not a windows’ closing capability.

5. There were no hooks for the carpet mats.

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As a Greek CTS owner, I would like to contribute to this thread.

I believe it is no coincidence many of us complain about the same things. Toyota should drastically make changes and make the interior of the Corolla more quiet.

I also show some understanding because Toyota has changed the interior and exterior style of their cars (the Yaris being the first step) and it may take years for them to adjust to new concepts and designs. To make myself clear, think of how similar the interior of the 3 and 5 BMW series has been the past 10- 15 years. Past experience must be very helpful when sticking to similar design patterns.

The dealer in Patra has been very helpful. There are some very intelligent mechanics there who dealt with most of my problems. They are so friendly they would even call me a month later to ask me if the squeak had really been terminated.

I need to say that there are a few squeaks and vibrations which, I believe, cannot be solved.

We could all benefit if the dealers cooperated here. Every time a problem is eliminated there should be a database where the problem and the remedy are recorded. This will save time and make things easier.

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:) I bought my CTS from Toyota Citycar in Vouliagmenis Av. The car was delived in the 25th of July 2003. It was very clean without any fingertips on the windows or the dashboard. The salesman was very polite and explained a lot of things for the car. As we have already a Yaris in the family I didn;t need more explanations about the R/CD operation Trip computer.

THe only thing that was missing was the user's manual which i took it the next day. I haven't need the Citycar service yet (car has 1800 km so far) but as i mentioned in my previous topic i feel lucky that there are no noises from the car. You have the impression that this is 1 piece of steel. Even with sunroof wide open there are no vibrations or rattles. Only the noise from the air above 90~100Km/h. I suggest this dealer to anyone who wants to buy a Toyota. I think that most of the problems should be on cars during the first year of the production. The only thing that seems bad is the gap above the R/CD but nobody who enters the car see it.

For the Greece owners i suggest the BP Ultimate. After using this petrol I've done about 500 Km's using the 2/3 of the petrol tank in a trip to North Evoia and local trips around my home not driving fast or slow (by speed limit + 10~20 Km/h). The trip computer says 6.5L/100Km but i thing the actual must be about 1 L more. I'll check this out in the next refuel.

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As a Greek who is going to buy a CTS I think that this thread is very usefull to come up with some conclutions

I only want the Greek owners of the car if it is possible to buy it with the navigation display, cause I noticed in the brochure that says "not available in Greece".

I know that we don't have GPS working here at the time we speak and it would be useless but I know for sure (friends from the Univesity of Crete that are responsible for this project tols me) that in 6 months it's going to be available in Greece too. (thanx to Olympics)

Thanx in advance

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kala eimaste polloi e :eek::eek::eek:

my father's CTS had limited noise problems which we eliminated alone......although we have tougher shoch absorbers and springs there are no noises

as for the engine noise we have used to it as my father and I had many cars with induction kits exhausts etc.

the service is not the best because i believe that there are many malfunctions in new corollas and as i have noticed there are a lot of cars in garages....

CTS03 the spoiler is an extra and probably was installed when the car arrivded in Greece

thats why it had those tapes......i know even worste incidents so be happy :o

after all i believe that CTS is an honest GT......it does not ask much but it does not do that much

its fast but not for street racing

it has good and safe handling but not like a peugeot or a ford

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Last Monday, the service manager of Neos Kifissos told me that he was not aware of any “radio noise kit” that is mentioned in the internet (my information) and he suggested to contact Toyota Hellas. They simply screwed a little bit upwards the radio. Then Toyota Hellas told me that the “radio noise kit” consists essentially of “afrolex” tapes and this material is available to the Greek dealers.

Possible assumptions: (1) the Greek dealers may not know this material with its initial code name, number, etc., (2) it has been used in all new Corollas, (3) the dealer did not know it or did not want to spend more manpower.

Have you any experience with the materials of this “radio noise kit”? Has it be used by your dealer?

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Last Monday, the service manager of Neos Kifissos told me that he was not aware of any “radio noise kit” that is mentioned in the internet (my information) and he suggested to contact Toyota Hellas. They simply screwed a little bit upwards the radio. Then Toyota Hellas told me that the “radio noise kit” consists essentially of “afrolex” tapes and this material is available to the Greek dealers.

Possible assumptions: (1) the Greek dealers may not know this material with its initial code name, number, etc., (2) it has been used in all new Corollas, (3) the dealer did not know it or did not want to spend more manpower.

Have you any experience with the materials of this “radio noise kit”? Has it be used by your dealer?

...the same situation is in other countries...

Service stuff don`t know about "radio noise kit", until someone tell them , ....

They told me that they can order “radio noise kit” but the price is 100EUR. :censor:

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Concerning my driving impressions:

I am fully satisfied by its acceleration in all the range of rpm.

I have installed the lowering springs but I feel that the suspension/tyres do not keep the car very stable in its lane at very high speed at bends of the national road, especially if you employ a higher gear (to reduce the engine noise!). So, I noticed that I was passed at a bend near Argos by a Hyundai Elantra running at +~20Km/h.

Concerning ride's comfort, you never feel road irregularities.

I did not want a racing car but now I would preffer CTS to have a tighter suspension. and lower profile-wider tyres. These could fit better to the engine's power.

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I have ordered and still waiting my CTS from Toyota Gianitsas in Pireos Ave.

However, I test drived the CTS of the dealer. The car had some 6-7.000 km. I didn't notice any noices from the dashboard.

Regarding spoilers. yes they are installed in Greece. So do the alarms and the 6 disc changers (like the one i ordered) so I guess it's up to the dealer how well they handle the car after they install stuff.

I'll let you know how the car goes when I get it in 10 days.

PS: Interested on a meeting? Or creating some sort of club in Greece?

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:) Hi to all Greek owners of CTS.

I believe the the idea of meeting or creating a club is very nice.

Yesterday i refueled the car with BP Ultimate. For 500Km i put 35 litres. Not bad at all. The car is new 1800 Km and i don't push it above 4500 in the gear change or 5000 during overtake. Usually cool driving and the result is 7L/100 Km. Intersesting.

Yesterday i drove without music closed windows in order to hear any strange noise.Until 140 Km/h with 6th gear absolutely quiet.

Maybe some rattles you say are coming from the rest arm. One night i was hearing them and I found out that in the rest arm box i have forgotten keys and coins.

Yesterday at the returm with 3 people in the car there was a polo (16V or not I didn't found out). I was behind him and he was accelerating slowly. High beam he did right i overtook him and then he started to accelerate. He had 2 people. The polo had mods exhaust and i don't know what else. Pitty for him i left him behind with 6th and not passing 4500. At the next traffic light he was lucky as i can't push my engine. But his face was telling a lot.


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Apo to stoma mou to pires liquidCTS...

Tha arxisoume me ena kafedaki oloi mazi kai blepoume gia kana TSPORTclub (yaris kai corolles kai celices). Fantazeste, kammia dekaria TS se taksidaki?

Translation: We have to get to know each other, since we're from the same country! a dozen TS corollas on the highway would look COOL!

But we also have to stick to the point. Some of us do not seem to be facing interior quality problems. If anyone else from Greece has something to add please do so. Some people may take a look at this thread and things will be better for those of us who feel privileged to specific after sales services or remedies, and for the future buyers of our favorite nameplate.

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Absolutely, we should meet!

I can do it after 10-15 days, when I get my CTS. :D

In the meanwhile, I'll sell my (current) Corolla on Monday so I'll be out of a car for a week or so.

Regarding the noises on the dashboard, I have a couple of people with new Corollas and they don't complain so far. I must admitt that they are average drivers in terms of searching for every detail on their cars so I don't know if they would notice noices and other details that would matter to guys like us.

Personally, I hate any type of weird noice on my car. So, I'm really interested on getting the CTS and find out by myself. To tell you the truth my Corolla is almost noiceless even after 208.000 km!

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The idea of creating a TC club here in Greece is excellent. In fact I had in mind to propose it here myself too. I have an experience of such a club from a friend who owns an Audi S3 and he is a member of the S3 club of Greece. I was with them once on a Journey to Halkida and it was really funny to see so many surprised faces :blink: on the national road when about 15 S3 was passing them. Imagine the same thing with some Corollas :thumbsup: .

PS: Please if anyone knows respond to my previous post concerning the navigation display or send me a PM cause it's important for me :help: .


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  • 2 months later...

This topic is (after the data loss) is almost empty, so to spice things up I propose a meeting in Patra on Sunday the 30th of November. I have already talked to Chris Paterson about this and he is waiting for us.

Astakos will be there for sure.

All the other guys (Nyo (just a co-driver, he is buying a 1.4 afterall :P :P <_< , babisp, vaggelis, etc. ) please verify if you are in.

We can all meet at the Periptero right before Aspropyrgos and go there together.

Those interested post here or send me a message.

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yia sas re pedia apo ton montreal!!

I've got a question ! Does anybody know the part number of the 6 gear for the corolla ts sport??? Or can anybody get this info for me? Im planing of swaping the gear in my celica gt-S!! but i cant seem to get the part number here in canada cause they dont sell this model here!!

Thanks !! exaristo!! :D

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Hi all,

I bought my E12 5d (unfortunately not the TS) a month ago from Neos Kifissos, it's the third Rolla my family has bought from there (my dad has the E11 sedan and my bro has the E12 sedan).

My brother only had a case with a faulty shock-absorber (front-right), which was replaced under warranty.

Both my bro's and my car had a few glue residues, which can be a small pain in the ***** to remove.

All three Rollas are very quiet when cruising, and I haven't noticed any rattling in any of them.

Anyway, respect to all the Rolla owners in Greece and see you on the road.

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Being the starter of this topic, I felt the need (and I had some free time) to compile my 6month experience-thoughts into some kind of


(1) CTS is an exciting enough car to drive every day and an excellent value for money for Greece. Even going to work you could have some moments of fun (passing cars, accelerating between traffic lights!) … that may help you to get rid off serious job thoughts.

(2) I am getting used to the engine’s noise, which seems to fit well with the sporty character of the car; it contributes to an interactive relation. It can be annoying only in long highway trips where you, eventually, also want to listen to radio music.

(3) The car looks great at black color with TTE spoilers and 30mm lowering …when it is clean (1day/month) and attracts a lot of attention! Black color should be “forbidden” in our country!

(4) Winter is the perfect season, at least for my CTS.

-The dashboard noise is absent because the temperature is below 20C and I do not use a/c.

- The door windows are fully closed and so they do not rattle within their loose rubber frame.

(5) Concerning Toyota garages in Greece: Neos Kifissos may have good mechanics but they seem too busy and this is probably the reason to be so frightening careless for details. They might care more about servicing taxis instead of private cars!

In the future, I will mainly trust the serious garage of Vitsaxakis at Heraklion-Crete.


To avoid and solve problems in Corolla’s build (not mechanical) quality.

A well build car is not synonymous with a luxury car and this is what you expect from Toyota.

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