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Mr2 1991 Replacement Audio Arial Suggestions


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Just found out that my MR2 1991 audio arial is not the right one, anyone got any suggestions as to a replacement that fits properly?

When power off, my current arial sticks out of the body by about 4 inch's, but have been told it should only be the top of the arial. After further inspection, this arial just ain't the MR2 one, maybe £1.99 from Pound-Stretcher.

I am not using one, but I think the old coat hanger trick might look real pants :D

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Maplin apparently do a thin wire one .. take out the boot carpet .. wrap it all over the inside of the boot and put the carpet back.

Then fill the hole in the wing .

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Like the wire in the boot idea, that would be a great fall back plan if I can't get this sorted properly. Thanks for that suggestion - good old Maplins.

Thinking about the mast replacement. Do you know how the mast would fit to the arial motor? I mean does the motor have some form of wire inside that hooks up with the mast some how? I am kinda wondering if the mast would fit any arial motor?

See what I mean? I am thinking that I could keep the arial motor I have now, but put a pucker MR2 mast on.

Wonder if that would work, not a clue whats inside a arial motor and mast?

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Inside the telescopic mast is a long plastic thread .. with teeth on one edge.

These bite into the grooves on the cogs in the Motor ..

New masts are about 25 notes from Mr T. Replaced my old one in an hour, and I didn't have a clue what I was doing?

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