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Turbo Mr2


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An imported Turbo (the only kind of MR2 Turbo) is going to be more expensive to run and insure.

The insurance is what put me off buying a turbo as I couldn't afford the annual premiums. I opted for an UK (N/A) which offers me all the performance I need for now. My car came with a full main dealer service history too - something you will never be certain about with an import. Even if you can read Japanese it doesn't mean the documents are real ;) Dealer servicing has been a bit of an issue but more are begining to welcome imports now.

If you have the budget go for a turbo, if not I'm sure you will be happy with a UK N/A or Jap Spec N/A :thumbsup:

Rev3 onwards are the best to go for IMO ;)

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The Turbo MR2 is truely an awesome car, 0-60 in 5.2'ish etc etc etc, BUT.... On a practical scale it's a bit of a handful, group 20 insurance puts the premiums at a very hefty price and then ion top of that you better think about what your mileage is going to be like, petrol isn't cheap.

Don't get me wrong, I love MR2's to bit's but you need a decent budget to work with, even an NA you'll need to budget for new rear tyres every 12k or so at £100 a pop...

If you re-think and are interested in a decent NA, let me know as mine is for sale as are a few good others... .Make sure you check thefinances first as it would be a shame to buy a car to realise shortly after that it's a tad to expensive to run :D

If you are interested in an NA, this is mine which is currently for sale....


I'm sure the people on this forum who have been in or seen the car will agree she's in superb condition :D

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BHP is the same for both GT and GTS (though due to being slightly lighter GTS could potentially be a little faster (milliseconds!!!)

Rev 1 - 2 (1990 - late 1993) 225BHP

Rev 3 + (Late 1993 Onwards) 245 BHP.

Ryan, I thought you were selling the MK1?

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holy **** reading through that makes me scared!! I hate insurence it freaks me out!!! Im only 17 and was forced to take 3 party insurence property because my premium was $6950AUD!!!! But youve got to love a good 3sgte motor in a gt4 or mr2!!!!! Oh baby!

Mate go turbo all the way!!!! were with you! Boosting fun!! :P

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I met ap_coupe today so he could have a look at my turbo ... ( am I nice or what ?? :D ).

His mate took some pics... hence the sig etc ( thanks! ).

I think he has decided to go for one folks. He's contacting the place where I got my motor imported from.

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Me think i will get 1 now.Cheers james for letting me have a look plus a quick ride in it(no jokes) Its a nice car also darn quick.

erm.... don't say ride.... we went for a drive... lol .

and thanks........ ( for the comments about the car, not the fact that you enjoyed the ride... :huh: ... mmmm , digging a hole fir myself here. Sh*t shouldn't have said hole.. someone else will come up with some smart comment... oh <the spuds of lurrrrvve>s... I'm going to bed .... with a woman !! ;) )

going off topic here... but now I'm thinking of s*x... don't these guys > :group-cuddles: look like they are having some sort of freaky yellow ball thing orgy?


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