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Local Toyota Dealer

jerry phipps

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Hi everyone

Well i have got to have a bloody moan about my local toyota dealer. I've got to admit it they are bloody crap now that my friend has now left there.

My wife Yaris T Sport was booking in for this saturday for it's 2nd year service. I booked it up say 4 weeks ago. Something told me to just confirm the booking with them. I couldn't believe my ears. They only said that it wasn't booked in :censor: Now that really ****** me off.

Then it came to me. I'M A BLOODY GOLD MEMBER. So i looked on the list of dealers which are doing discounted servicing and i booked my wife motor in for a service. I've got to say they where so helpful and they are taking the car for service still on saturday as planed :yes:

I'm so pleased that i have joined up to be a gold member :thumbsup:

Cheers steve for all your hard work :thumbsup:


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must admit my local dealership (coxon henley) have ben absolutely unfaultable ever since I been a customer there ove the last 4 years.......

they had 6 toyotas worth od spare from me!!!! (7 if you count my auto/na -> turbo/maual swapped supras as 2 cars lol)

he he can I be cheeky asd ask if they are on the gold memberrs list???

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