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Boost Gauge!

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Hey, has anybody tapped a boost gauge into their Compressor yet?

no, but have on my supercharged golf. Really easy, just find a vacuum pipe and in about five minutes you can tap it in and run the tubing into the cabin. Very easy job!

Not worth much though as you are only running 8psi of boost, you're not exactly going to melt anything! It will also look wimpy if you get a 30psi (2 bar) dial and its only going to 0.6 bar :P

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I bought a boost gauge at JapFest but didn't get round to fitting it yet :rolleyes:

I did have a chat to some people about plumbing it in and they reckoned that there was a vacuum pipe going to the ECU behind the glovebox so you don't have to drill holes into the engine bay.

If anyone knows whether this is true or not or if there is an easier soloution it would be good to hear :thumbsup:

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