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Gordy's Predictions


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1. Jonny Wilkinson for BBC sports personality of the Year..... :thumbsup:

2. England Rugby Team for BBC Sports Team of the Year :thumbsup::thumbsup:

3. Clive Woodward for a serious honour - poss SIR Clive Woodward. :thumbsup:

4. Jonny Wilkinson to be on every chat show know to man...... :thumbsup:

5. Jonny Wilkinson to be on many magazine front covers.... :thumbsup:

6. Jonny Wilkinson for MBE/OBE :thumbsup:

7. Jonny Wilkinson for Prime Minister...... :thumbsup:

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I dont' mind admitting that my heart was beating faster than normal when we started making mistake after mistake!

I was actively swearing at the television which is never a good sign :help:

super jonny saved us though, and that little jason robinson is like a rocket! :o

hats off to all the squad, they deserve to relish in their achievement :thumbsup:

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9) Some blonde woman will ask who Jonny Wilkinson is.

Who's Jonny Wilkinson.....Seriously :huh:

He is someone who is:

1. Tougher......

2. More level headed.........

3. Talented.........

4. Calmer..........

5. Intelligent........

6. Harder working.......

7. Worth more to England......


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