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Touching on what was was said earlier threads like these give the forum personality, people get to know people. There are plenty of toyota forums out there that are very serious and only get about 2 replies a day... I know which forum I would like to be a part of!

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Can I put my two penneth in? I must agree with Jimlad. I read through the topics daily and nothing really catches my eye. The TOC dating thing is getting boring, but then I'm not single or going to JAE so no offense to anyone who joins in that particular forum. I have mentioned this all before about topics being taken over and turned into the same old same old, then feeling left out, especially as a girly who is happily married but still likes a laugh. ;)

I must admit it's turning into a teenage text message without the teens!!

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But TOC isn't very heavy on the tech side, so for the majority of people the general section is really all there is ??

I've got an idea... stop posting crap!!! :D

Why not try to change the way things are for everyone instead of saying "if you don't like it tought!". - hence why a talk crap section is a good idea.

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I've got an idea... stop posting crap!!! :D


You said it yourself Jim...you were exactly the same...

I didnt like these threads when you were creating them and i dont like them now either... I chose to ignore them though. Shame you cant do the same considering you should know better than anyone about how these threads come about...

Pot... Kettle... :rolleyes:

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Dont mean to jump in but isnt what gd is for new members or wanabe members to see what the clibs like???

As a newby i found it inviting and fun.

you all helped me with my sterio problem that if i put into the surf section i don't think i would have fixed.

its fun, informative and unscrpted!!!!

join in make friends and have fun is that the TOC we all want??

just a thought?


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What the &*^&*

Have I gone to Mars?

If not then Jimlad has actually posted a comment on the volume of general stuff. POT KETTLE BLACK or what. Right admittedly there is a lot of random general mash, read the title and move on if it does not take your interest, or even read it and say "nutters discussing that rubbish, whats going on!"

And then, I personally, think it would be better for all people who think that yesterday was a better place if they actually thought about putting a post up. This post could be something that is aimed at getting the section back into your particular fond memories of yesterday :yahoo:

Jimlad, you are part of what actually makes this forum what it was and what it is, the number of your threads that I have read, laughed at, and commented on are many. I dont know why you dont post as much, but you are capable of some brilliant threads, so get posting. Infact I cant remember the last time I actually started a thread, so after I type this I will have a word with myself.

I think we lost something when we split the general section the last time, I almost never go into some sections like the games section, but would probably have browsed some threads if they were in the main section, but thats me, If I am to comment on the forum admin it would be to say well done you guys, this forum is almost always up :thumbsup:

As a thought that just contradicts myself, perhaps more topics would be viewable on the main page if there was a separate section for the pinned topics, there are a few of them now, all valuable

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I haven't posted for ages but often pop in for a browse and catch up on the goss.

There is a lot of spam flying around as Jim said but then there always has been (c'mon Jim do you want me to drag up some of your "I need some food what should i eat" threads!).

Some of them are pretty pointless but give me a chuckle on a boring night shift and I would rather have something to read than nothing. I do take your point though Jim they have been getting pretty grim lately but then who am I to moan (which I'm not) when I hardly contribute at all.

A valid point I think made in this thread is the amount of pinned topics that have accumalated over time and reduce the amount of threads visible on the front page. To move them would defeat the object of having pinned topics visible but couldn't they be tidied up or looked at to see if they are still valid.

P.S Hello all I'm still around. :thumbsup:

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But TOC isn't very heavy on the tech side, so for the majority of people the general section is really all there is ??

So, there's not much technical stuff & you think people should stop posting general banter? How would that help? All I can see that doing is causing there to be a load of "TOC isn't what it used to be, it's like a ghost town now, people never post anymore, it was better back in the day before everything changed" type posts, which are absolutely no good to anyone.

Your "Let's see how long I can stay awake for" thread is the best I can ever remember reading on here & I'm sure a lot of people would class that as a similar kind of thread to those that you are referring to. As I said, if the banter stops I think it will be a huge step back for TOC & would probably kill any chance of another legendary random thread like your 1 that I've just mentioned.

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Another forum i use has a general chat section, and a junk talk section as a sub-forum. Works pretty well for us, general chat for advice, gossip, whatever, and junk talk for the really stupid things (the counting threads, the toothpaste poll, whatever). Means we've got an area for everyone to chat in that doesn't get cluttered with inane rubbish posted by bored 15 year olds.

And we've also got it set up so if you hover over the title it displays the gfirst few lines of the thread for you, so you can find out more without opening it.

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My Opinion… (For what’s its worth) I haven’t read the all the comments as (couldn’t be bothered!)

I wholeheartedly agree with Kev Mc. There is a ‘speak about crap’ section and it’s called General Discussion.

The so called crap posts can lead to some interesting threads when people put their own opinion on things, and most of the funny stuff you can find on general. The jokes/videos/stories are sometimes pure gems.

If a new member wants to know about any particular make of Toyota, then there are the appropriate sub forums for each make and model.

Any question can be answered about any Toyota by the wealth of knowledge found by the members on TOC. Chances are someone on here has had the same experience/breakdown/replacement/repair etc etc and will give their advice free of charge.

On a lighter note I see the General/Crap section as a bit of a virtual Mess Room

As for making a new section, we already have a "speak about crap" section & it's called "General Discussions".
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Are about 98% of all threads in the general section absolutley pointless, garbage spam??

I visit here daily... take a look in the general discussion section, look at the thread titles and just leave.

I will happily admit I used to post alot of pointless stuff, but recently it seems to have just escalated. If I was a new visitor and I saw all these pointless random threads, I'd look, think what a bunch of muppets and leave. (no offence) - and you want people to pay for membership here?

There's no point to them all.

A few of them....

"What do you do" - in reference to when you clean your teath... I mean wtf??

"Done something very important today" - a thread about washing a shirt

"bugger" - a thread about leaving a banana in a fridge

"burning my fingers" - about a laptop which (if true), is blatantly too hot!

"I'm going now" - a thread about going to make a sandwhich

These are just a few, but there are loads more!! If you want to post about absolute pointless pap, then surely there should be a "speak about crap" section to the forum??

Sorry... but this has seriously been getting on my nerves the past week or two. I don't know if people are just bored and don't have anything genuine to talk about, or if everyones brains have just gone a bit wonky for some reason?

It doesn't give the club a good look imo!! I'm not trying to upset people, just trying to make people realise something here.


I have to agree especially with '"Jimlad is the king", "who's not at jae" threads

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