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Anyone Fitted "reversing Sensors?"


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Did a quick search - but couldn't find anything on the subject.

Just wondered if anyone's fitted sensors - as I'm finding reversing with the hood up - with all this rain - a real pain!! A recommended product manufacturer would be handy too...



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This thread on fitting them to an Avensis might be useful to you, if you haven't already seen it.

Sure it'll be slightly different, but some of the issues raised will be the same, and you might wait a while before you find someone that has fitted them to a 2.

It's a fairly current thread, so if you have any questions you might get them answered.

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Yep I've fitted sensors to my MkIII 03 MR2.

Got a cheap set from eBay and did it myself. Set came with two sensors, brain, beeper with screen and drill bit - For around £25.

It depends what you want from the kit - for me it does the job, i.e. I don't rely on them to tell me when something is there but use them for me to get close to something I know is there. Get a few false beeps when you first start going but then is sound enough to get right up close - You could go for better quality sensors if you want more.

I fitted mine to the plastic inserts either side of the number plate so if I messed it up would not need a whole new bumper. They look good here and I bought the ones that go in rather than stick out and black that matches the car.

If I did it again would put them slightly higher to reduce false beeps from the ground and you also need to place them so you don't hit the metal bumper behind (you can see it when you pop the plates out).

The power wire is attached to the reversing light (easy with a clip from Halfords) so that they only come on where you put the car in reverse. I did this on the right hand side of the car as it was more accessible and if you look down there is already a hole for existing wires from he engine compartment into the cabin.

Just remove the plastic housing from the luggage storage behind the seat (only a few screws here and there) and you can access this hole to put the wires through. I fed some string through then hooked it from the engine side, tide my wires to it and pulled them back through to inside the car. Then attached to the brain and the beeper. I left the brain, beeper and screen tucked in the luggage area and can here the beeps fine (did want to run wires through to the dash.

One thing you might want to do is remove the standard reversing beep the car has. I got instructions from one of these forums but it involved removing the dash and cutting a wire which was more than I want to do. I can hear mine ok with the beep still on.

Hope that helps.

This type of thing but this is not the same make i used - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Wireless-Car-Parking...1QQcmdZViewItem

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I haven't been keeping an eye on the website this summer - so missed your comprehensive response!

Anyway, a belated thank you - Pedsteruk - for your most useful input! Didn't get around to doing anything sensor wise - so your info will not be wasted!

Now autumn's here I will be spending a little more time indoors...


Dave C

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