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Cleaned Engine

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can u teach me how to clean the engine??? thank you

Just be careful around electrical connections with anything wet (particularly the battery). Even with the car off you could short something. Flash wipes/ car-cleaning wipes are good for getting it fairly clean, then use a cotton cloth (eg. old underpants) to prevent streaks on paintwork/plastic. I used car dashboard polish and the underpants for the engine cover and airbox. You may not be bothered with hoses/cables at first but that's what really makes the difference. Clean everything you can!

MAKE SURE you don't spray dashboard polish on anything other than the engine cover/airbox, its flammable and could possibly be corrosive on some materials in the engine. You can probably get a special cleaning polish for engines anyway that may be safer. I was very careful to do it when the engine was cold and gave it time to dry completely before starting it.

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