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Designing A Website


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I'm gonna do it..........hopefully?

Can I produce a great site to showcase my photography using Microsoft Frontpage..........

Or is there a better way to do it???

Any one with this sort of experience around???

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ooh.. frontpage...

It all depends how fancy you want it mate... me I use Dreamweaver, coupled with hard coded javascript.. and some flash...

But if your looking for a quick and dirty way of making a half decent web-site, then its probably your best bet.

It depends what you want really mate, drop me a PM if you wanna discuss further...

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I know what you mean Sam, but at the same time I don't need all flashs & bangs - COS the pictures will do the talking.......

Thinking of a simple set of pastel shades as backgrounds so the thumbs can stand out and in easy to find catagories......

Oh, this is gonna be fun....... :eek:

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gordy.. i suggest you use a gallery the same as the clubs.. it can be tuned to display the pics how you want and make it look real nice.

but the best thing with the gallery is that it does all the work of resizing thumbnails on the fly!!!

frontpage is for beginners i find.. inturusive sometimes and has a mind of its own.

GoLive i dd not like at all

I use dreamwearver and have used it everyday nearly for 4 years in my job.

I spotted web pages on the microsoft website written using Dreamweaver.


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