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Black Smoke

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Im not sure if this has already been covered but when i put the boot down and when it starts to boost there a fairly large puff of black smoke from the exhaust..

Is this a problem wit the turbo??




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black smoke usually indicates over fuelling m8

ohhhh i really hope so i just had an engine change still got a 3sge but this one has parts hanging from it and everything i mean litterally off the wiring loom its got something with a disconnected pipe joined up and just hanging there one end connected to a phantom pipe the other end connected to nothing the black circular tube at the middle back of the engine has a pipe missing from it and now its got lovely knocking noises when i turn left or right and when i boot it about 2.5-3.5 thousand revs i lose anyone behind me quite litterally cant see them any more through the smoke its a blackish blue the cars using alot of Oil aswell im hoping its either the mix or was the Oil filter that was loose until yesterday all i can say is for 3.5k im begining to regret buying my j reg celica thinking about cutting my losses cost me 1.5k to buy it and drove it for 3 months then it went bang spent another 1.5k getting it fixed and its still not right :( i might post some pics up to see if anyone can identify the parts as the mechanic really doesnt seem interested

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