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Lexus Rear Lights


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Does anyone have the link to the Lexus light conversion thats coming out for the 2 ?

Now I've got a white un, I may consider these as I think a white car is the only car these look good on.


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I'm gonna get a new photo soon... prob this weekend coming. Then another one once all the bodykit is on.

Matt.... are you the same Matt from Rogue systems ?? ( thinking you are.. just can't remember )

I know... £25 for them is daylight robbery !!!

I might pull them out of the auction early... not sure. Fell free to bid mate... buy them back from me if you want.. :D

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Yes I am one and the same. were finding it a bit slow on e-bay at the mo, probably down to time of the year. You'd probably be best putting them back on in the new year when people have more cash.


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Went out to get new tyres and was beaten on that fire extinguisher !! DAMN !

Bummer !!

I hate it when that happens !! I also hate it people who sit about watching and watching... then 5 seconds before the end they bid and you lose... DOH !! Very annoying !

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