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Thinking Of Buying A '89 Corolla Gti


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hi, i'm currently in the market for a new car and the corolla gti is on my short list can you guys please tell me the pros and cons of this car and also if any one can answer the following questions it woul db greatful:

what equipment levels does it come with ie e/w p/s ?

what are the standard 0-60 figures

is there much tuning stuff out there - and what level can these engines be taken to without silly money

cheers in advance.


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Corolla gti is a seriously fun car (well i think so anyway) :D

The pro's of this car is that it has a free reving engine and is fairly quick, as 0-60 times go your looking at about just over 8 seconds - im sure people will tell you exact figure but they always vary. Top speed is about 125mph.

With the car being an 89F its probably a tvis model producing about 124bhp. The cars can be modded silly with a 4AGZE (supercharged version of this engine) available and also 20valve engines and even 3SGTE (MR2/Celica engine).

On the cheaper side of things, your best looking at a good induction and exhaust combination, and also possibly something like a superchip.

Depending if your going to do the work yourself you could find yourself a pair of cams (all depends on how much your willing to spend). The list is really endless!

I would efinately look at uprating the suspension as they are a little soft and also make sure your brakes are sorted. Many gti's i have driven have soft brakes!

Other downside is the body rusts! wheelarches (rear especially) sunroof and tailgate are common spots, but also check under the car and the door panels.

A plus is if you compare it to a Golf GTi 16valve the car will live with it on the road comfortably but is a lot cheaper on insurance as its only rated a group 13/14 whereas the golf is a group 16 as i remember.

You will find they all come with electric windows/mirrors/ sunroof and power steering, sport seats. :thumbsup:

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