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Corolla Gti 1990h


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HI all.well the gti has moved on to a good home.now im waiting to pick up my coroll t sport.any one no of any good body kits like side skirts etc.when i was talken to the guy at toyota he was saying that towards the middle end of the year there is going to be a mod avbl to boost power from the 190bhp to 230 any one else herd this?

cheers all :thumbsup:

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haynes do a manual and it covers both types. as an h plate most likly the tvis engine.think they also had 8mm ht leads as opposed to the later 5mm

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The tvis models were from 1987-1989. the intake manifold has a Badge on it saying 'tvis' and is smooth.

The non tvis models you will find from 1989 to 1992 (when they stopped making the corolla gti). the non tvis models intake manifold is ribbed and most will probably have black ht leads as opposed to the tvis models which had red ht leads.

The non tvis produce a few more bhp but actually have a smaller intake manifold.

The other differences between the models were that the non tvis had a revised interior and slightly bigger brakes.

Hope this helps.

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